This is to Billy,I heard about Robin Williams. I don't want this to be the focus of my conversation, I'm very sad that happened to such a great actor/comedian,  I'm confused  that nobody saw that coming. For him that shows greater strength that he tried to get help in his history. Back to you,Billy Joel, I enjoyed your music through the 80's.. I'm an 80's girl. but, I asked for your cd for christmas from a friend.  I listened to it whole when I was cleaning my house.  I loved 'it's all about soul'  I saw you in a special to Shea Stadium and it was awesome! I loved how you went back to your roots.  It really inspired me.  I looked up your history and read you went through some depression. I don't need to say more, I love piano music and you play piano the best I ever heard.  My only hope that this gives you inspiration, I am one of the many fans you have.  Thank you and God Bless,Kim Sovine
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