Re: Comment on show with Howard Stern

Note in case Mr. Joel/Billy/Bill ever gets to see these forum comments. Either way, I would like to hear if other fans heard this bit of the show with Howard and whether they had the same or any thoughts about it.

On the show with Howard,
you said something to the effect that you didnt think you have anything to say (re: new songs/album). I dont know whether you really meant this
or if it was a knee jerk response.  It made me feel quite sad and think of how awful it would be for us (your fans) if your "voice" was absent from the conversation about moving through this part of life.

As a writer who recently turned
50, I struggle with the question of whether my writing is relevant. The past 5 years have brought many profound changes - universal experiences. You know them: the loss of loved ones, lessons about myself, gifts, regrets, recriminations, reconciliations, gravity and thinning hair (FYI- women experience this too!). I'm deciding whether to try to figure it all out or give up trying, practice radical acceptance and take longer rides on my bike.

If our hearts/spirits/bodies survive these changes, then i
think there is plenty to say about that process and it needs to be heard. So few can say it like you do. You guided us through our
rebellious/angry/fiery/questioning/crazy/carefree/coming of age days. We need your unique voice to take us through the 'now' and for you to help us figure out how to feel cool in a cheap pair of sneakers wiith orthotics (LOL). Seriously,
rekindle that fire and rock us (out of chairs) into the next 'set'. Of course you're a little older than SOME of us, but that just means you have more info and insider tips about everything from senior discounts to antacids (i.e. is an AARP membership worth the fee or are they too politicized?). I hope to hear some new songs from you soon. Thanks for everything! 


  • I wouldn't be surprised if Billy didn't like writing lyrics in the first place. Liberty did an interview where he said it took a lot out of him. For some getting that personal can be emotionally draining. I'm sure he liked the finished product but it takes a lot of effort to get there. Some people just want to enjoy life when they get older and not have to care what others want. And not only does it appear that Billy doesn't have any more lyrics to write but he doesn't even appear to have very much to say in interviews. He pretty much says the same stuff, and has been telling the same jokes in concert for some time now.         
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