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<span style="color: rgb(100, 96, 91); font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 14px; line-height: 23px; background-color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.85098);">I am writing this letter to explain my dissatisfaction and frustration with my Stub Hub experience. I have used Stub Hub in the past and my experience with buying tickets for Billy Joel’s concert on August 2nd has now put a bad taste in my mouth. Due to Stub Hubs guaranteed satisfaction and reliability I chose to use this company for this purchase. My name is Christopher Cashen, I am a New York City Corrections Officer, and it is with that integrity that I chose to only buy tickets through a legal and reliable source. The tickets I purchased were for my girlfriend and I. They were to be a surprise birthday gift for her and it took a great amount of rescheduling and permission from my job for me to even get off for this day. We drove two and a half hours from New York City to attend this concert at the Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia. It was a secret the entire ride to our destination. You could imagine the happiness that shot across her face when I finally revealed what the surprise was especially considering she is a HUGE fan of Billy Joel, it was her FIRST Billy Joel concert ever AND I had bought floor section seats 8 rows back from the stage! We spent the entire day in Philladelphia unaware of what our experience would come to at the start of the concert. Due to an unfortunately prolonged dinner service that we had before the concert we did not make it to the stadium until 8:15. We had our tickets scanned to then be told that our tickets were apparently already entered into the stadium. The ticket booth teller at the stadium made us aware that they are not affiliated with Stub Hub and that we would have to call Stub Hub ourselves. We sat on the phone with an automated message for 20 minutes until we were finally answered to only be told that there was nothing they could do for us except refund our money. Hopeless, we then tried again at the ticket booth, begging them for help. The woman assured us that she could not do anything for us except check to see that our tickets were definitely entered. After checking, she confirmed that they were, in fact, entered at 8:04 PM and proceeded to write this onto our printed tickets with the word “VOID” across them. Our only option at that point, besides driving back home, was being forced to buy more tickets for horrible seats. They gave us seats in Section 107, Row 7, Seat 10 (PARTIAL VIEW). You could imagine the confusion, frustration and embarrassment I felt in that moment as this was my gift to my girlfriend and now here we were sitting, 45 minutes late into the concert, on the side of the stadium with a partial view. This entire experience was nothing but a complete disappointment and inconvenience for us. I am questionable to ever use Stub Hub again and to endure what I experienced after so much driving, excitement and preparation for that day. I am very reluctant for future use with the company considering the fact that I can never be sure that I am actually guaranteed seats with such purchased tickets. A full refund is obviously expected but does not satisfy how much aggravation and difficulty this entire problem gave me. This was such a huge disappointment on our night. Of course Billy sounds great no matter where you sit but that wasn't the point considering the location we were supposed to be in. I just wish I could redo the entire night the way it was supposed to be.</span>
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