Box on Billy's piano

Hello,<div>I noticed that Billy has always a box with buttons on the left hand side of his piano's keyboard during concerts. Anyone who knows what's the use of this device?</div><div>Thanks for your answers!</div><div>Take care!</div><div>Emmanuel</div>


  • bulldogg75bulldogg75 Posts: 4
    the box is what controls the piano as it spins around to face different sides of crowd
  • eobeissarteobeissart Posts: 3
    Thanks for your answer, so fast! :)<div>I'm not sure we're talking about the same box, as the box I'm talking about is on the piano, even when the piano doesn't spin around (for example: we can see the box in Live at BBC Television in 1978, where the piano doesn't move).</div><div>To me, it looks like a control for Billy's speaker, or maybe a control for effects on the microphone. But as far as I know, I never saw such a box on other pianos.</div><div>Anyways, thx again!</div>
  • SpitzFritzSpitzFritz Posts: 95
    They are used for his monitors on stage. The rotating and the key changes are controlled backstage.
  • eobeissarteobeissart Posts: 3
    Thanks a lot!
  • Little late but Billy actually controls the rotations with a pedal beside his sustain pedal under the piano.
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