Help with purchased tickets!!!

My husband and I purchased 8 tickets for your show at Nationals Park, DC.  We paid for Row 3, Field 5 , Seats 13 through 20.  The cost was $3,980.00, which I was glad to pay.  We have seen you twice before and love you!!  Each time we got as close as we could.  Unfortunately,  I have misplaced the tickets.  Since I purchased them I have had surgery and other issues.  Stubhub, where I bought the tickets will not help me with access to the seats I have purchased.  They refuse to be of any assistance saying they will not give me reprinted tickets.  I have an email with all of the info, row, seats, field, how much I paid and the card used to purchase them. 

Is there any way that your people can help me out?  I would appreciate anything you might be able to do. As long as you are performing we will be there!!

Your faithful fans,
Linda and Jeff Levine
[email protected]
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