My dad has Terminal Cancer - Can Billy Joel make him a wish?!

Hi Billy Joel,

How are you? I'm hoping you will really read this somehow. My dad was diagnosed with stage 3A
Lung Cancer around Christmas time, and since then it has spread to his brain,
lymph nodes, and hip bone. With that said, it is terminal and I don’t know if he has much time left. I want to
do something really special for him. My parents are both huge fans of yours,
and I’ve been trying desperately to buy tickets to take them to your show at
Madison Square Garden on August 7th, but my dad has been out of work and the
tickets are extremely expensive. For him to be able to see you in concert would
literally be a dream come true to him. I know this is really random, but I hear
you’re a genuinely great guy, and I could really use your help.

Thanks for reading this because it is really important to me
and my family. We appreciate it. :)

Jennifer JohnsonHere is my contact information if there is any way you can help- 516-512-4937 [email protected] 


  • larryzlarryz Posts: 2
    Sorry about your dad. If I may, consider Gerson Therapy. It works. God bless.
  • keoakleykeoakley Posts: 1
    My dad recently died on May 9, 2014.  Understand May 9 is Billy Joel's birthday.   My father introduced his children to Drum corps and hence, amazing music.  My father would have been thrilled to have me check off on my bucket list that I saw Billy Joel in concert finally on June 21, 2014 in Madison Square Garden and on August 2 in Philadelphia.   Billy's music is timeless and so it no wonder the crowds keeping pouring in to sing all the songs along with him.   Music is an art that touches the soul and lifts it to unbelievable heights and be thankful for the amazing gifts Billy Joel gives me and my father gave my brother and I.   My brother is a music teacher and has played Piano bars for years.  Even though my brother and I will never meet Billy Joel, his songs will live on forever in our souls.  
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