Just watched Billy Joel Russia 1987. It made me cry. It was so emotional. Thanks Billy

Me & my daughter went to St Petersburg December 2013.( I am 58 and grew up with Billy Joel) She is 27. We had an amazing time. But what was so amazing ,was watching Billy ,break down the barriers in a Russia. He totally transcended politics, and brought music to the people.

It had me in tears.

Thank you Billy Joel. You seemed to set the young people free.

Rita Murray
United Kingdom


  • rootbeerrootbeer Posts: 40
    Billy might not have started the fire but he certainly helped stoke it.
    Victor - what a star.
  • What is Victor doing these days, would love to know how is life has fared, does Billy keep in touch with him?
  • SpitzFritzSpitzFritz Posts: 95
    Apparently they tried to locate him for the documentary but were unable to...no idea what became of him.
  • unionjackunionjack Posts: 2
    watching this relighted my admiration for billy and took me back to the 80,s I feel like I lost something that I loved and now Ive found it again 30 years later sorry billy didn't mean to loose you
    my god your voice just break me down just as well I watched this on my own I got a bit emotional but keep this to yourself
    street cred and all
  • I know. sooo emotional and so glad I watched it by myself!!
  • Ace5150Ace5150 Posts: 3
    I was a tad disappointed as when they first released some footage on video in 1988, they showed him playing in UK's NEC where I saw him twice, before they showed the sealink lorries loading up the stage gear.This is now edited from the DVD
  • I've just watched 'A Matter of Trust: The Bridge to Russia'.It's brought so many remembrances! I was engaged with a 18 y.o. Ukrainian beauty. We two were lying under the one blanket, quite young, naked, happy and ambitious, and watching the TV-show with Billy Joel having just arrived to Russia. We felt like Billy's fans. I didn't speak English then, but Billy's music was so clear that it seemed I understood all he sang.It didn't happen that I discovered rock-n-roll with Billy. I was 7 y.o. when first heard The Beatles Can't Buy Me Love in 1967. Up to 1977 (my senior class/grade at school) I became the fan of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and many others. Billy had happened The Next in a long line of names. But the very important name! In 1987 I knew quite well what music I liked. It was my first time I heard the name of Billy Joel. I fell in love with his songs at once.
    - A matter of trust;- The river of dreams - ARE my favorite songs from those times up till now. Thank you very-very much, Billy! 
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