Stop Killing Elephants for Pianos Petition

BeyrieyBeyriey Posts: 6
Hello everybody,

I'm sure you all read Billy's message about killing Elephants for piano keys. Well, I made a petition asking for it to be banned:

More infomation on the link,


~Benjamin Eyriey


  • SpitzFritzSpitzFritz Posts: 95
    Ah yes, those poachers really care about the law and internet petitions.
  • Piano makers stopped using new elephant ivory on the keys several years ago. What a ban like this would do is require people to strip the ivory from the keys of some beautiful older pianos that were made before elephants were being slaughtered in such horrible numbers for their tusks. Not only pianos but many other older musical instruments have ivory parts; stripping the ivory off all these instruments is an extreme overreaction that will do nothing to save present day elephants, but will do great harm to beautiful cultural objects.

    What really needs to be done is to get the Archbishop of Manila to stop ordering up new ivory carvings of saints. He is one of the biggest collectors of new ivory. Nouveau riche collectors in China should also be made to stop buying new ivory trinkets. The US is not the worst culprit, and beautiful old cultural treasures should not be destroyed or defaced.
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