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<span style="font-style: normal;">Hi Billy, you're probably not going to see this but I figured I'd have to try.  My family and I will be at your next concert at MSG on 4/18.  This is a REALLY big deal as we are celebrating my wife's 50th Bday (4/14) and our 25th wedding anniversary (4/29).  I broke the bank and got 5 seats on the floor (section D) and am flying my kids home from college for the show.   They are very excited as they have been raised listening to your music and know the words to almost all your songs.   Best part my wife Karen doesn't know anything!   We've been listening to your music on XM non-stop and she's been begging my to get tix for the November show but I told her it's sold out again-HaHa.  My song request is </span><span style="font-style: italic;">Just the Way you Are</span>.  Karen and I have seen you in concert four times, both solo and with Elton John and we have never heard you play this song live.  This was our wedding song and it would mean a lot if you could play it Friday night.  Thanks for reading and God Bless!<div style="font-style: normal;">Eric     </div>


  • Dear Billy Joel team:

    I hope that you are all doing very well. I wanted to get the message to Billy that his music has inspired me in so many ways. I have enjoyed his music all my life, mostly due to my father. Which is the reason I am emailing.

    We are going for my birthday on October 27 (my actual birthday is Oct 28). Knowing what the song Goodnight Saigon means to my father who is a Vietnam hero. This concert is going to mean so much to us, simply because I have been meaning to go see you for a very long time. If you can play that song for me, it would make my 37th birthday so special, knowing what it will mean to my father.

    I have just recently lost someone very close to me, which made me think of my aging father. I try to spend as much time as I can, so that I do not have the regrets I have for my uncle who recently let us.

    If you are still reading this, I would ask that you consider playing “Goodnight Saigon” at your concert on October 27, 2018 @ 8:00pm.

    Thanks for your ear, see you at the Garden sir!

    Kindest Regards,
    Kevin Smith

    PS: I would love to sit down with the piano man if he ever wants to simply chill. Just to be in his presence. Hey you gotta try don’t you. Thanks to whoever is still reading.
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    Mr. Joel, "you may be right, I may be crazy"... for thinking this message will actually reach you but like the NY Lotto states, "hey, ya never know". So, I have never seen you in concert, my wife has a few times. I was supposed to attend one years ago (when you were touring with Sir Elton John) but circumstances did not allow it. Since then, I have been married and have 2 daughters (15 and 18 yrs old). My wife and I have passed on our admiration of your talents & music and I finally was able to arrange for all 4 of us to be at the Garden on Oct 27th 2018. We will be celebrating a birthday (wife's bday Oct 28th), our 20th Wedding anniversary, along with the simple joy of being able to create these memories as a family. Since we will have both of our daughters with us, Lullabye would be great to hear. We will be in Section 221 so feel free to "turn around" and say hello (and Happy Birthday to Melanie). Mostly - we wanted to let you know that your music is appreciated by several generations in our family and we are incredibly excited for the concert.

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    Hi Billy,

    My husband, Mike and I, are traveling to NY to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary at your Nov. 10 show. I would like to request our wedding song, Just the Way You Are, at the concert, even though I know it isn't your favorite song. It would mean so much to us and we would really appreciate it.

    Thank you for your consideration,
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    coming to MSG 11/10 from Philly with my college-age boys...brought them to see you in philly at 7 and 9 years old for the first time and several times during their young it's been awhile for them but my 40th time seeing you since my first in '78 at the war memorial in sons learned piano so they could play "LENINGRAND" and "VIENNA" personal favorite is "AND SO IT GOES" and all that goes behind the lyrics, so hence, my three song requests...those three....we love and are grateful for what you've shared of your personal story from hearing you on the BILLY JOEL CHANNEL on sirius (especially the story of having a tv for 5 days during JFK's death) xo
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    I really hope someday you'll add The Great Suburban Showdown to you setlist. Fingers crossed.
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    Mr. Joel:

    I hope this is the right venue in which to make this request. Glass Houses was the first album I owned. I've been an avowed fan ever since. Moreover, I've immersed my daughters in your art since they were born. In fact, they all remember me singing "Lullabye" to them when I put them to sleep.

    I'm taking my oldest, Haley, to see you in concert December 19th at Madison Square Garden when I'm in New York picking her up from college. It would mean a lot to me, and hopefully my dear daughter, to hear you play "Lullabye" at your concert at Madison Square Garden December 19th. Seems like an audacious request, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask.

    Most gratefully, for all the joy you've brought to me, my family, and many, many others.

    Robert Shea
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    Hi Billy - I'm requesting " Leave A Tender Moment Alone" 12/19/18 MSG - I love it so much! Thank you! - Liz
  • Does he sing Vienna on tour??!
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    Hi. Me and my girlfriend are travelling from Yorkshire, England and are attending the concert at MSG on April 12th. It’s a surprise for my partner Helen on her 40th birthday. Please can you play Just the way you are and dedicate it to her please? From Ged ( and Helen ) Yorkshire England.
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    Hi Billy, I'm looking forward to see you at MSG on June 2nd and would be overwhelmed if you would play "For The Longest Time". That song has not only my age, it will also be our wedding song when my fiancé and I get married in October. All the best, Anni
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    I am so blessed in my life! On Mother's day, my son, Garrett, gifted me 2 tix to your 5/24 show in Philly. The very best part of this gift is that he didn't give them to his dad and I...they are for Garrett and I!! I cannot imagine having this experience any other way. The gift of your concert with one of my favorite people in the world...I am so blessed! I am really hoping to hear Piano Man...but I will love every single note that you play and you sing.
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    Billy, your music has been a big part of my life since I was young in the 1970s. I have seen you in concert about five times and really look forward to seeing you in Philly on May 24th. The last time I saw you live was at Hershey Stadium about 10 years ago and when you played Goodnight Saigon. I follow your playlists from concert to concert and see that you have not sang the song live in a while. I first discovered the song on your first compilation album in the mid-1980s. It became a special song to me during combat deployments to Panama and the first Iraq War. I later played the song to inspire my troops (and myself) during multiple deployments during the early 2000s and mid-2000s. I am now retired from the US Army but it would make this old soldier happy to hear the song again live. Thank you you to your staff and you for considering.
  • Billy - My husband and I had our first dance to “Always A Woman” in 1993 and then again as our first dance at our wedding in 1996. We are coming to MSG tonight, January 25, 2020 to see you - a lifelong dream bucket list trip. Please play “Always a Woman” for us. Thank you, Tammy and Jamie Heller
  • Thank you for playing our wedding song, Billy! Best date night ever!
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    Taking my wife Lisa to the Feb 20 show at MSG as a surprise for our upcoming 25th Wedding Anniversary. Love of your music was something we had in common and has played a big part of our life together. Would love to hear/dedicate "She's Got a Way" to her. It's always been "our" song, mostly because I've always teased her about her Midwestern accent ("She's got a way of talking...")


    Michael Glass
  • Hey Now! Just saw this section. Please play Summer Highland Falls tonight in Tampa. I've been chasing it since 86!
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    I'm heading to your MSG show 2/20/20 - FINALLY! I've been trying to see you for YEARS ever since college on Long Island (I'm a Boston girl). No special occasion other than seeing YOU but my favorite song is Vienna Waits for this is my request, please. (P.S., my husband thinks this will never work!). So excited for Thursday! Jan
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