What do you like about Billy Joel?:

Everyone, that I know, LOVES Billy Joel. And they should! I like him because he's a real nice guy and he keeps it real. I actually did a skit using one of Billy Joels songs. The song was The Longest Time, one of my favorites. So what I want to know is what do YOU like about Billy Joel and why.


  • Ace5150Ace5150 Posts: 3
    Always liked him from 52nd Street, but met him waiting outside Birmingham NEC in 1987 The Bridge tour, the same day as Cash beat Lendl at Wimbledon, and it was so hot waiting.Billy tuned up (minus Christie) and invited me in the shade, signed 3 albums (Streetlife Serenade, 52nd Street and The Bridge) and answered my nosey question why David Brown was out the band.Mark Rivera turned up and Billy asked him to 'get the guys to sign these' passing my albums over. I wished him well for the tour, shook hands and he disappeared.15 minutes later, Mark returned with the albums (only Dave Lebolt and kevin Dukes were missing) I was asked if I wanted a cold drink due to the heat, and I politely declined. Shook hands and let him get back to the sound-check.Great set of lads!
  • valiantvaliant Posts: 1
    Billy. Joel was the cornerstone in My music taste. A beautiful musician, with skils the rest of us can only wish for. Keep on touring and become the first 100 year old touring musician in the world, we love you from Sweden!
  • mutentsmutents Posts: 1
    I'm not going to lie; the first time I listened to a Billy Joel song it was so I could impress the guy I had a crush on.
    Thank god for that crush.
    Billy's music manages to fit whatever mood I'm in; if I want to feel angry at the world, I'll listen to Downeaster Alexa, Allentown, or All For Leyna. If I need to be pepped up because my depression is getting bad, I always know that Only Human and Vienna are just what I need to feel better. If I just want something to dance to, there's Los Angelenos, Christie Lee, and hundreds of other brilliant songs.
    Not only is he an amazing singer and writer, though. He is also a fantastic role model. He's living proof that depression doesn't have to control your life. As someone who battles with that everyday, it's nice knowing that such a successful man is just that, successful, despite suffering from such a disease.
    Billy Joel is what's gotten me though many stages of my life, and if I have it my way, he'll help me though many more.
  • KlutzyGalKlutzyGal Posts: 2
    I grew up listening to Billy, Elton, and Motown music, artists from the 50's and 60's. I remember when I was a kid I LOVED when Uptown Girl and River Of Dreams (both two of my many favorite songs of his to this day) came on the radio. Like mutents said - I can find a song of his to fit whatever mood I'm in, a song I can relate to. His music has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. I finally got to see him in concert for the first time in 2010 when he was touring with Elton and they came through Portland, and my second time seeing him was just a couple weeks ago at MSG on June 21st - I was giddy.

    Aside from being an incredible pianist (if I can ever play my piano with 1/8th the talent that he has, I'd be happy) and vocalist, he's a good guy. I always enjoy listening to or reading his interviews; he's always well spoken and seems like he's really humble and down to earth. I don't really know what the chances are of it actually happening, but I would love to meet him someday.
  • carrie10carrie10 Posts: 2
    HI, I have many of Billy's albums.  What I like is that he helps the local people of NY or NJ who
    lived through some tough times because of storms.  Some people when they make it big, forget the little people that they grew up with. Not Billy Joel.  I think that is great.  It shows he cares about people.   carol kieda
  • some critic made a list of why Billy sucks, here was my reply,,,,,Reasons why Billy Joel Doesn't suck. 1. He writes his own music. 2. He writes his own lyrics. 3. He plays an instrument, (quite well and is a classically trained pianist). 4. He still plays "live" concerts at nearly 65 yrs old. 5. He has 3 number 1 songs. 6. he has 37 top 40 hits 7. He is one of the most popular artists off all time, selling millions of albums. 8. He was married to Christie Brinkley and dated Elle Macpherson, he had 2 other hot wives, one half his age. 9. Pianoman (one of his most well known songs is actually one of his weakest) listen to his non hits and you will wonder why most of them were not hits. 10. He has been on the midnight special,Mike Douglas, Sat Night live, David Letterman,Sesame street, the grammys (won a few) , VH1, MTV,20/20. 60 minutes, Ellen Degeneris, Conan Obrien, Oprah Winfrey, The Today show, American Chopper, Howard Stern, Jimmy Fallon. Rock an Roll hall of fame, Kennedy center honoree, Song writer of the century. The only other performers in history with a similar resume are Paul Mc Cartney, Michael Jackson and Elton John. You could argue Elvis was bigger and had a better voice but he did not write most of his stuff and wasn't much of an instrument player. So if you still think Billy Joel sucks you are entitled to your opinion but you are wrong.
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