Does Billy save the front row for his biggest fans?

Hey guys, I posted this in another forum but didn't get much input. I'm attending the Louisville show with my dad as a father and son outing and I have heard that Billy saves the first two rows for his biggest fans. I've heard people have had experiences where a crew member randomly approaches them and says that Billy would like them to be up front and escorts them to the floor. I'd like to have one of my album covers signed by Billy and I was hoping to get lucky and one of the crew members would see me and upgrade me. I could hold my album cover up to Billy at the end of the show when he takes pictures and shakes hands and all. Does anyone have any tips for increasing my chances of bumping into a generous crew member and being upgraded to the front? Do I need to be one of the first in the venue? Do I need to wear something that makes me stand out? I know there's gotta be a way to do it.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing your input. Give me some great tips and advice!


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    We went through this...the first few rows aren't sold, but those tickets are generally given to groups of cute girls sitting in the nosebleeds. Nothing to do with being a big fan.
    It's very much a luck of the draw type of thing considering there are about 50 available seats in an arena of tens of thousands.
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    In most cities the front row is sold. usually by ticketmaster as PLATNIMUM seats.  There is, HOWEVER, areas at stage front that appear to be GA areas (see Cleveland quicken loans arena venue map for BJ)......  cute
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    They don't sell the first two rows. Billy has explained this in many interviews. He was tired of the front spots being occupied by some well-connected old guy sitting there going "sing for me, piano man" so his crew guys go out before the show with tickets for the front and upgrade kids in the nosebleeds. When he was with Elton, they'd get cute guys and cute girls.
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    Whatever Mr No It All....LOL  The Pittsburgh onsale had the entire front row in section 2 thats dead center on sale on day 1 as PLATINUM SEATS AT $495 each.  THE ENTIRE FRONT ROW sold out in 3 minutes to brokers and they were all listed at STUBHUB within 15 minutes.  Similarly, front row and second row tix were at EBAY and TICKETNETWORK.  and a simple search at Ebay of completed auctions will prove me right.  I suggest you come up for air and do some research before you make across the board statements....that is... if you can pull your head out of your dark place...Oh....BTW BJ makes a nice cut of all platinum seats sold as does any artist who agrees to let Ticketmaster play scalper and sell primos at above face as PLATINUM SEATS....bottle of reds
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    I know what I know and anyone who has followed the man as long as I have will agree with me.
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    "The guy's there with the girlfriend ... 'OK, Piano Man, entertain me,' and they don't do anything. It was a drag and you'd hear all the kids yelling in the back and you know they didn't get a shot at those tickets. So I said, 'To hell with this. No more front row and second row tickets going on sale. We're gonna hold the tickets.'"

    "What we do is before the show starts, when the audience starts coming in, we send the road crew out with the tickets and they give the tickets to the kids in the back ... so you look down and see all these good-looking girls ... and that doesn't hurt the show."
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    Thanks guys for the input. I guess Billy only saves the front for the girls so I'm thinking this means I won't have a shot at getting lucky. Oh well, if all else fails, at least I have lower arena side stage. Hey Fritz is it unheard of for young teen guys to get upgraded or just the ladies only?
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    I'm sure it's not unheard of but it's unlikely. You also have the fact that you have decent seats working against you (side of the stage seats are usually great, behind the stage are even better.) They almost always give these seats out to those in the worst spots.

    And with regard to mr. stubhub, I wouldn't be surprised if the "front row" listed on the seating plans is not the actual front row, because they block out those first two rows. The only time I've bothered with floor seats was 8th row in Syracuse in '06 and 6th for NYE at Barclays and there were definitely more than that in front of me. There comes a point about 2/3rds through the main set where the ushers are told to allow people to 'rush the stage' (it's marked on the official set lists distributed to them) but before that there is still a contingent of girls right up front. Doubt me all you want.
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    as someone who was able to get a really good seat for Billy's MSG show in February, I can confirm that the front row or the best seats in the house were pretty much comprised of young "hot girls"

    kind of messed up if you ask me if he deliberatly has people go in the crowd and look for hot girls to stick in the front
  • You will never see me in the front row. Though I'm a huge fan, I'm in my 40's and I'm fat. Frankly I think the ones sitting in the front if they are not paying an arm and a leg should be handicapped people and veterans. But that is just me.   
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    Your rationale is all well and good but quite frankly it would make for a rather sad front row if they were all rich people and folks in wheelchairs. It's still a rock concert, not a charity benefit. Screaming girls in the front keep it from becoming a sad tribute show.

    He hasn't done it thus far this tour, but in '06 those same guys going out grabbing chicks for the front would also get military guys to come on for Goodnight Saigon. I'm not sure of their seating arrangements but I'm sure if they were in the boondocks they were put somewhere better.
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    As one of the lucky ones, YES, he does give away the entire front row (and the second one too)!  I won't bore you with the details, but I am a huge Billy Joel fan, and I passed my enthusiasm on to my husband.  We are 31, and when we got married 5 years ago, we chose Just the Way You Are for our first dance.  Piano Man was our last dance.  Anyways, I have been to three of his concerts, and I always buy tickets the second they go on sale online.  "Best Available" always end up being nosebleed seats because they get snatched up by connected people who probably make a fortune reselling them.  Anyways, on our way up to Cleveland this April, I was telling my husband about how in<span style="font-style: italic;"> A Matter of Trust: The Bridge to Russia</span>, Billy Joel was talking about how he didn't want the bored rich dudes in the front row; he wants his biggest fans to be up front.  I wondered aloud about how cool it would be to sit in the front row (seriously).  Anyways, while we were looking for our seats in the upper deck, a crew man approached us and offered us front row tickets.  My response was just, "Why?"  He said, "I just look for couples who look like they are having a good time together, and I thought you'd enjoy them."  I'm thinking, "This is too good to be true."  My husband was actually rude to him, thinking he was trying to scam us!  I finally took the tickets, figuring we had nothing to lose.  I took the tickets to an usher and said, "Some guy just gave us these tickets, they are fake, right?"  The usher was totally confused--he had no idea what was going on.  He took the tickets to investigate.  At that point, I was sure they were fake.  An usher should know if front row seats are being handed out, right?  He came back five minutes later and said, "Well, I have news...they are real!" and he escorted us to our seats.  It was cute how excited he was for us.  I was total disbelief.  I was like, "Oh my God, the movie just happened!"  We had an absolute blast.  We weren't doing anything to draw attention to ourselves; we were just looking for our seats.  I'm sure we were smiling and laughing and having a good time, but we were just being ourselves.  On a related note, my husband ran into the crew guy who gave us the tickets and apologized!  The front row was made up of a diverse bunch, but you could tell they were big Billy Joel fans!  Billy, if you're reading this, you made my dreams come true :-)  Thank you!  And thanks to the awesome crew guy, whoever you are!  You know how to spot the true fans!
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    Great's a one in a million (well, couple of thousand) in one chance.
  • Boy, who does not want hot chicks in the front row???  I think that is amazing!!  Go Bill!!!!!
  • ^^ Elton, as per Fritz' comment above.<div>
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    Well played, Steamer. Well played.
  • I've heard Billy does exactly like Spitzfritz says, I don't know exactly when he started this because I bought a front row ticket in 1984 from a guy who was 3rd in line, I was deeper in the line, we waited overnight I ended up with 10th row seats but bought the front row, still have the stub you can see it in the photos section.  
  • <p>Hi</p><p>I can confirm that I was very lucky to have been picked out from the crowd and invited to sit on the front row of one of Billys Concerts. I could not believe it. I was on the very back row in Earls Court , England . Me and my friend where asked very kindly would we like to sit on the front row of Billys Concert. How Lucky where we! Amazing will never forget it. </p><p>Thank you Billy xxxxx</p>
  • OH MY GOODNESS!!! I will be attending the Bryce Jordan Center concert that he just added in December. I have been wanting him to come to the BJC but he hasn't for a very long time. I have listened to his music since I was very young and I am now 25 and he is my all time favorite singer. He is way above anyone else. I have almost all of his records (33s) and I almost cried when I saw he was coming 5 minutes from my work. I've never been so excited in my life!!!!!!
  • It's very flattering that the idea is he only gives them out to cute, young girls but it isn't true. I know because my son and I were at the Memphis show last night and we were given second row tickets by a random guy who we later found to be his cinematographer. Like the guy upthread, I gave him the cold shoulder because I was with my son and I thought it was a scam. But he ran after us and my son was curious, so he stopped and the guy handed him the tickets. A wide variety of people were in our lucky "pod" they called it, and that part of the story is true, everyone was very excited and thankful to be there. I did see the crew member again and apologized. It was truly the experience of a lifetime and worth the hearing loss!
  • I've become one of Billy Joel's biggest fans just recently but the admiration I have for his songs are so strong. I always have thought it's super idiotic and outrageous to buy such expensive tickets for ANY artists, however, I am saving up my money hoping to one day see him in concert. I have just gotten the email today as he will be coming to a concert near me for New Year's Eve. I'm not sure if I should definitely wake up super early and buy my front row ticket ASAP or just buy the upper sections like LAST row and wait for someone that I can approach and ask for front row or wait to for someone to notice my "cuteness". The point is, I have no words to explain my admiration for both his songs and his persona, I understand that I may be very young for his era but his music is just something that simply can't fade out nor diminish. Please, if anyone can orient me in this, I'd appreciate it very much!
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