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I got a ticket to se Billy Joel in Raleigh, N.C. Does anyone know of he is going to meet any fans. I sure wouId love to meet him. I know that I am far from the only one that would love to meet him, so I can at least hope. I am driving a long way. But it is well worth it. I am excited that I was able to get a ticket in row 7 in front of the stage. I can't wait.


  • No he is not or no you don't know
  • FritzSpitzFritzSpitz Posts: 122
    There is no meet and greet. Some folks who know the right people might be able to get backstage but there's no formal means of getting in, and if anything they might get to have a light dinner with the band.
    He's Billy Joel, not Taylor Swift. He doesn't even do his own soundcheck.
  • LUCKY!!!! I'm jealous now... :/  :-<
  • jedzonejedzone Posts: 1
    Hello Billy this is Jed Ziegler from the Action House and Danny Mazur's My House you probably don't remember me but I was the first to promote the Hassles at a show outside the clubs at The Sky Club at Roosevelt Field Shopping Center. I also worked with the Vanilla Fudge and was friends with Jackie, Irwin and Ruby Mazur. I also ran the concerts at the Malibu Beach club. Just wanted to wish you Happy 65th Birthday. 
  • I remember going to the Action House, and Malibu Beach Club!
  • SpitzFritzSpitzFritz Posts: 95
    Malibu was great. Too bad they couldn't pay their taxes. The beach club, the cabanas and such, are still there, now owned by the town and operated by the same guy who runs the Coral House in Baldwin. He put a lot of money into the place but members can only stay for a few years before they're kicked out and replaced by new members chosen through a lottery. The building that housed the night club is still there but sits unused. Maybe someday that will get revived.
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