Anyone else having difficulty with this morning's presale for MSG?  Or is it just me?  : (


  • I started trying to buy tickets at 10:00 AM with no luck.  By 10:30 tickets were for sale on reseller sites for $127 to $5,019 each.  What a waste of my time.  Something should really be done to stop this BS!
  • liljen19liljen19 Posts: 2
    It's so frustrating! I was on for at least 40 min before I pulled 2 in a section behind the stage. That was after I lost 2 different sets due to TM site 'error'. Grr! I'm just happy to be going ... Last time I was in MSG to see him I remember him playing to the back too so I should be okay. Better then nothing! :)
  • I just got tickets for the 2nd show.  I saw him at the Spectrum in Philly twice a long time ago.  Had behind the stage seats both times and they turned out to be among the best seats in the place.  He definitely plays to the people in the back.
  • FritzSpitzFritzSpitz Posts: 122
    Unless he changes it for the US leg of the tour, he's had big screens behind him and no more satellite keyboards like in '06.
  • TSMIAMI2017TSMIAMI2017 Posts: 1
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  • ryanwvryanwv Posts: 44
    I got on ticketmaster right before 10am kept clicking refresh until they went on sale, so i got on as soon as they went on sale.I could not get any tickets! kept saying nothing available check back later so i ended up going to stubhub and paying a lot more than i wanted to but i had to get tickets.March 21 MSG :)
  • mabsermabser Posts: 3
    Yeah, it's been impossible to get tickets through ticketmaster unless you don't mind sitting behind the stage, yet there are literally thousands available on Stubhub.
  • This is on the Billy Joel website, and he should know that this is what happens to his fans. They try to get tickets through the official channels and get blocked due to the scalpers buying up all the tickets and then selling them for more than double or triple within the hour. The system is broken and MUST be fixed!!! Billy, do you see this?!?
  • FritzSpitzFritzSpitz Posts: 122
    No, he doesn't.
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