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I was watching "The Last Play at Shea" and Brian Ruggles(Live Sound Producer) was being interviewed and in the background was my Painting that i did several years ago. looking at it beside a model  sailboat on a table, i'm thinking he must love sailing. The whole thing kind of blew my mind. Anyhow,i thought it would be cool to email Brian Ruggles,however thats probably unlikely not going to happen..But it's kinda fun to see it in this film.

Michael O'Toole sfca


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    Hey Brian,
    hope the acoustics are better for tomorrow than in Frankfurt on the 3rd of sept. Poor Billy took all our critics and in fact he stands behind you. So don´t disappoint the audience in Wembley and specially Billy. Maybe cutting off just a little volume might sometimes be better not to override and so create a "noisebrew". Did you read the comments on Billys page. I would be very pleased if you make a donation to a caritative institution. Here is one of my choices ( = they bring musical education to children all over the world, where there is no chance for them and so spread hope and joy) , but you may look for one yourself and do so. Would be a good and comforting reaction to me for the disasterous concert in Frankfurt. And if you have people of your staff that could stand in the audience during the concert, just to adapt the sound in case; that would help.
    All the best for you and the concert tomorrow
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    Hello Brian,
    I´m glad Wembley went out well. The few comments on the sound were far away from my harsh comments on Frankfurt sound. And obviously your team made adjustments during the show. Hope I´ve the opportunity to see and hear all of you on another show somewhere in the world and definitely in another venue smaller than a stadium. I´m still sad that my expectations weren´t fulfilled at all because of the bad sound in Frankfurt, but ("sh---") it just happened. You know the older you get, the more you think, it might be the last time for this or that to happen. So come back soon. It would be easier than chasing you around the world. Greetings Maya
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