Uk tour ! No scotland Northern Ireland or Wales .

Rab4169Rab4169 Posts: 1
Very disappointed to find out the billy Joel 2013 uk tour or should it be billy Joel tour of England did not include any other country in the uk .saw him last time in Glasgow and was fantastic .newest concert venue in Europe is now built on the banks of the Clyde called the hydro 15000 seater and would have been an instant sell out .come on billy make it a real uk tour !


  • my8osmy8os Posts: 13
    At least you can travel by car and see him!
    Come on Billy! There are more European countries that would love to see you!!!!
  • littlemalclittlemalc Posts: 1
    Yes Great Billy Joel is touring England !!..Just wish this SO called fan club informed us fans before letting the Ticket Touts buy up all the tickets ..Being an old age pensioner (Yes even older than BJ ! ) I cannot afford the extortionate cost of tickets so unfortunately My wife & I will not be able to see him when he is here ..seen Him Four times ...Just once more would have been magic..
  • Come on Billy how about another gig in Glasgow..??

    I hear you like The Horseshoe Bar..!!

    We'll buy you a drink before the gig ..!!

    I am shocked to see that there are no Scottish dates for Billy Joel's so called "UK TOUR".
    He always plays Glasgow when he tours the UK, also the new 12,000 capacity SSE HYDRO ARENA will be opening soon and i'd love to see him play there.
    Hope his promoters are reading this and take note because I know he will fill the place no problem.
  • Mara69Mara69 Posts: 2
    Yes yes I want Billy to come back to Glasgow! Whats up with that!?!?
  • Mara69Mara69 Posts: 2
    Thats such a shame - the poster above who wont be able to buy tickets cuz of the cost - maybe closer to the time you will find some site (e-bay?) selling cheaper tickets? Or is that crazy talk!....I really want Joel up in Glasgow!!!!!!
    There's nothing up with that at all, although some people must think Scotland is too small a country to host his shows. But I think Billy would feel differently about that.
    Plus he loves going to the Horseshoe bar for a pint!!!
  • paul07paul07 Posts: 25

    Do people know if he is bringing a band - posted before Mark R is not available for the sax role !


    Got tickets for Bham and Manchester - wow how expensive are these !


    Seems a bit crazy to only do 4-5 dates - especially in winter in the UK !! 

  • barfly69barfly69 Posts: 1
    Last time Billy's came to Glasgow was ten years ago, said he loved the horseshoe bar disappointed he won't come to visit us again usually bypassed his management need to listen to what his scots fans want, we will buy you a round at the horseshoe that is a good offer we are renowned for our scots hospitality. How about it billy ?
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