Let us hope Billy is coming soon to Europe

MichelMichel Posts: 1
And pls come to Belgium as well !


  • he is going to go to Dublin! 1st november
  • JaxxJaxx Posts: 1
    That's close enough from the Netherlands.
    I'm going to try to get tickets!
  • London Calling!
  • my8osmy8os Posts: 13
    Oh come on Billy! You need a plane to get to Ireland... Couldn't you have done it more centrally in Europe (BENELUX, Germany, etc)?
  • Looks like our prayers have been answered ,hes coming to England in the autumn,Hammersmith Apollo looks the show to see.
  • heike.ebelheike.ebel Posts: 1
    I got crazy as I heart, that at the end of the last year there was a concert in London and I missed it. For us Europeans it's not easy to buy good front tickets with european master cretdit cards. They told me, that they should be released in the US or I need an American Express card. I would love to come to NY, if I could buy a good card via Internet, to see you in your (and also my) loved city. I would appreciate a beter solution but - on the other hand - there are also a lot of beautiful places in Europe. So why don't you come so seldom to Europe. You have a lot of fans over here and no matter which country you shoose - me and many other people would surely come to your concert!!
    Hope to see you no matter in which country on a great concert,
    H. Ebel
  • nella.marianella.maria Posts: 47
    As soon as possible dear Billy...
     when do you arrive in Italy..?
     I'm already waiting for you on the road..
     Remember I live in noth Italy dear...
     Kisses and hugs!
  • my8osmy8os Posts: 13
    Don't hold your breath.
    If he wanted to he could have done a European tour, but instead he just preferred to do a concert in Ireland-UK....
  • nella.marianella.maria Posts: 47
    Dear friend my8os,
     why not in Italy too?
     Everything is possible!!!!
  • BillyjoellBillyjoell Posts: 6
    I hope he does too. He dose so much in the U.S and not enough in Europe. Please Mr Joel, everyone should have a chance to see you in concert!
  • Not Italie IN FRANCE!!!! I'm waiting PIANO MAN
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