how do i get to send an email to him?

vicverkvicverk Posts: 2
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I don't know where this is coming from, but somehow I feel like i need to talk to him. How can I send a message to him most easily?

THanks, vicki


  • NcosseyNcossey Posts: 1
    Bill, my Mother is a huge fan. She named my brother after you. If you are ever in the Austin /San Antonio market it would be life changing. She has literally given the shirt off her back to who ever is in need. Now she approaches retirement with out. She works to care for her husband. I know you get a lot of these you, billy could make her life
  • kberkelkberkel Posts: 3
    Mr. Joel, I know you must hear requests all the time. My wife will be turning 45 this fall. Years ago she went to a concert of yours while struggling through her pregnancy with twins. She ended up in the bathroom the whole time and missed most of your concert. She has had a tough life and is such a fan. We scraped the money together to come to your San Antonio show on Dec 9. If you have it in your heart, could you give her a birthday shout out at that concert? It would mean more to her than you can ever know. I tease her that she is always a woman to me! Thank you for your consideration in this request. Either way, we are so looking forward to your show!
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