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So 'm not sure where or how about send a letter/email to Mr. Joel so my wife suggested here. Its a simple thank you letter and that's all. It's been a long time since this happened and I finally have mustard p the courage to say thank you. If anyone knows how to or knows where i could send this let me know somehow.

Dear Mr. Joel

I am writing you for a act of kindness you performed in about 1993 for the Make A Wish Foundation. You went and visited my friend at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland Ohio. I never knew this till months after his passing. His mother showed me the pictures and i could tell the visit made his day.

He was my best friend and as you may know he loved your music. As I said I could tell your visit made his day. I could just "see" the smile he had on his face even though both of you had to wear a face mask. His mom told he talked about it for days.

Unforutunatlly he passed but at his funeral they played mostly your music which was cool it just seemed Jeremy.

Anyway I am writing to say thank you. I truely mean it. If I could meet you I would hug you and say thank you. It meant alot to me to know my friend who meant the world to me had one good day while he was fighting. You earned my respect when I learned you took time out of your life to visit my friend. I truely admire what you did and I respect you not only as a musician but as a man. Again Mr. Joel thank you for what you did you are a great man.

Mike Hovey
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