It may be an addiction, but do you want to change?

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Yes it could be classed as an addiction, but I'm not so sure.
One definition of addiction says that you keep doing the activity even when there are better alternatives available to you. Now can you think of a single thing that you can do with your clothes on that is better than this?

Anyway I'm not in to the disease model I'm a CBT/Relapse Prevention girl, which means I define addiction as a maladaptive coping habit. There is nothing maladaptive about this as far as I can see, so we are OK. This is a purely positive experience as far as I'm concerned.

I mean you don't define breathing as an addiction do you. That's because it is a habit that is all positive.
This is free, available, stimulating, self esteem raising and fun. Almost as good as ........., well you know what I mean!

When you give up loving (trying to avoid the moderator here) in order to post, then we need to talk.

In the meantime ENJOY!!!!!!!!

BJ music rules OK

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