Shades Of Grey ( or is it gray?)

Hi All,
Just thought I would check in to say I'm still here and have really enjoyed catching up on the recent posts on the forum. Have to say well done ( as ever ) to Jools and Joelsgirl & ditto just about all the sentiment. Life's too short to stress too badly over stuff that is meant to be a pleasure after all. We all love Billy Joel's music and have that as a common thread, good enough for me. As per Joelsgirl, I had never posted over the net before but was really compelled to when I found this site had been updated. I'm sitting here now feeling dog tired and really should just get to bed but did the lethal " I'll just stop at the pc" thing instead. Boy you can clock up some hours that way.
Hi to to the new contributer ( can't remember your name - my short term memory is just apalling these days, sorry! )- really good to know that the younger end of the scale is now represented, good on yer.
Have a good week all.
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