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Looking at the dates of posts, I see that there are many fans that still communicate on the website. As a fellow fan, I needed help with something and I needed to start somewhere. I have imagined how I would do this for so long, so here it goes...
I am engaged to be married and ever since I can remember, I have had this image of dancing with my father to the song Lullaby for the father, daughter dance. I have planned this wedding and the details in written notes since like middle school. For so many reasons, I really want to dance with my father to this song. I still remember listening to this song, river of dreams and many others, on my first car ride with my father many years ago. However, as the years have gone by, other relatives and siblings of mine have danced to this song with him and their fathers. Now that my day has come to dance with my father to it, I feel as if I want to make this an even more special moment for him and me on my wedding day. Because for as long as I can remember my father has been a HUGE fan. He has banners, CDs, DVDs, posters, programs from the concerts, t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc. He has been to the Elton/Billy tour at least three times.
About a year ago, I decided that when the day came that I got engaged, I would go to the first concert posted wearing my vail, a billy joel t-shirt, carrying a big sign saying "will u sing @ my wedding 4 ur #1 fan, my father?", and I would have a letter that I would have written numerous times explaining why I really wanted this to happen. Hoping that he would even read it. I would pay whatever costs it took to be as close as possible to the stage so he could see me. I would offer to pay airfare or anything to have Billy accept my request. I even imagined him telling me he would come to perform the song at the wedding, if I went on stage to sing one of his songs. As terrifying as it would have been, I surely would have done it in order to give something special to my father.
Now that the time is here, I don't see any concert dates and can't find any venues where he might be stopping by. I need the help of the fans to see what you know as far as concert dates (if any), question/answer session dates, etc. If you know any dates or locations, I would really appreciate it. I would at least love a chance to fulfill this dream that I have had.
Please help me create a wedding where the father of three girls can receive a gift that would last him a lifetime. The years of love, support, hardwork, and perseverance he gave to us, I really just want to give back to him in a way that no one else could think of. I want him to see that even though other people in the family may have danced with him or their fathers to Lullaby, I could make it extra special for him since he is an extra special father.
Thank you so much for any help!!
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