Sinking Ship

Jools and Albie (and everyone else that is watching and listening)
I will keep posting and keep hoping that the negative impression that began this site will eventually wear off and others will join in. Or maybe some prefer to check it out and keep silent which is ok too. Perhaps someday when the three of us have bored you to death you will join in and introduce yourselves - I would love to meet you. Until then I will keep posting.

I don't know about you guys but the glow of my summer concert experience has started wearing off and I am ready to see BJ in action again. If only I lived in Australia or could fly to the other locales in which he will be singing this fall. I will have to satisfy myself with the surreptitious video from the concert this summer. Our digital camera takes short AVI video for a couple of minutes so I can relive Summer, Highland Falls anytime I like. Youtube is great too but I'm not in those videos singing my heart out. I know those people sitting around me hated me for standing much of the time and singing so loudly but damn I had FUN!! Can you go to a BJ concert and not have a blast?? Here's to hoping that he will tour again in the spring. Hey Billy any chance of getting a show at MSG during the end of March (oh yeah I forgot BJ doesn't check out the forum - suits what about you - pass on the word for me? - oh yeah they don't ever look at this site either!) oh well fans what do you think - a petition???) OK its Saturday and I got to sleep in to 7:30 so I'm a little giddy from the extra sleep I got. Off to the grocery and I'll quit being silly!
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