hiding in the shadows

Hi All, even if there are only four of us.
I hate people who hide in the shadows and I try to spend my time in the light. Most of you will be able to have a go at my actual name if you look at my user name. With me WYSIWYG. Some people don't like that, it unnerves them, but it is the way I have decided to live. If I don't like who I am you certainly won't like me trying to be someone else.
This has been a life position that was hard won. It is not easy to allow yourself to know yourself and then be yourself. It is such a difficult thing; "Know Thyself" was the inscription over the entrance to the Delphic Oracle in ancient Greek mythology. Then Freud based his understanding of psychoanalysis on this principle "know thyself".
I am not ashamed to be a 50 year old Billy Joel music fan, I'm several years younger than him.
Please note I am a fan of the music, I do not know the man.
Neither am I ashamed to contribute to this forum, because here I am as I am everywhere else. It is OK to be me here and everywhere.
My hope is that everyone reading this and contributing believes that it is OK to be yourself here too. My expectation is that it will be those people that are interested in BJ who log in to this site.
However, in my opinion, it doesn't really matter if you are not a fan. We can find other things in common.
Just be yourself.

My favourite BJ album is River of Dreams. I think it is my favourite because it is the album where I believe I hear more of the man that is Billy Joel and not just his music. I could be very wrong about that, as I've said I've never met him.
But sometimes a fantasy is all you need!!!!!!!

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