The Stranger - What does it mean?

Honestly, I haven't a clue.
I just like the music.

That's not strictly true, I do understand what the songs say, but I'm not in to pontificating and second-guessing the motivations of the writer.

I like Billy Joel music, I have liked it since the 70's and that's enough for me.
I bought the anniversary edition because I was replacing my vinyl, which disappeared years ago. I didn't worry about replacing it quickly because I had his greatest hits which has lots of Stranger on it. I was very pleased that I hadn't replaced it before because I got the Carnegie Hall concert that wasn't released before.

There you go. If you like his music and want to buy an album, then buy it.
Billy Joel will be buying more mansions whether we buy this album or not. That is the nature of wealth, it just keeps growing.
Don't get me on the politics of avarice or we will be here forever. I think it is obscene that people can be super rich while half the world starves, but that is the way of this world. Come the revolution.............

The basic truth is; I like this music, so I buy it.
If you don't want to buy it, then don't.
That's what makes us free thinking adults.

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