Fireworks venues

If we are talking spectacular then the whole of the US can't compare to the firework display at Edinburgh Castle.
Sorry US you just don't have a 1000year old castle on top of a volcanic plug to set the backdrop.

I can see it all;
BJ concert on castle esplanade.
Followed by firework display.
Then we could all savour the history of the High Street (Royal Mile to the tourists)
Tickets only available to the contributors of this site.

You would need umbrellas, just in case the Scottish weather is running true to form.
During the Festival every year the castle esplanade is fitted out with stands of seating, so we could just use it once the Festival is over.
We could even have a piper on the battlements to round off the show with the last post.
See; all organised.
No Problem
What do you think?

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