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So does any one know if Mr Joel, reads these post or how I can send a note of thanks? I have been one of the many laid-off and downsized people for the last 10 years and then my father died. So I was at the bottom and sizing up bridges to jump off...but something made me dig out the music that got me through the teen years and after listening to Summer Highland falls, and New York State of Mind and So it goes and so many more. I haven't been thinking about jumping off bridges but jumping back into life....I just want to say thanks, for giving so much of your life away in your words and music....It does mean something to us the fans, sometimes it means a second chance at being who we could be..So thanks Billy Joel. Am ready to go fight the fire again. CieCie.


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    Hmm, I don't think he has the time to read the forums (but don't quote me for that) but I think you can try to find his twitter account or any other social media account maybe he is reading those.

    But we are happy you are up an running again :)
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    I've been in your shoes, ciecie. I was diagnosed with depression two or three months ago, and Billy's music has helped me get through it greatly! I'm glad you're back on your feet again, and hopefully, I'll be back on mine soon....
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    It's such a great feeling when you listen to his music and in your case it's great in a sense that he can touch you with similar feelings. I'm 16 so I haven't really experianced any of what he writes about considering it's past history but it's educational and so well written. I hope your can get in touch with him because it's great how you've jumped back into life. Hope all is well. :)
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