Trading/buying Billy Joel rarities

Hi, I'm from Italy.
I have a huge 850 items Billy Joel collection.
I am interested in buying/trading Billy Joel & related rarities.
Please write me.
Thanks, "thelocalhero"
[email protected]


  • fiddlahfiddlah Posts: 2
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    I have seen Billy Joel at The Centrum in Worcester Mass. back in 1986. He was absolutely horrible. His vocals suck and his song writing ability sucks even worse. The only decent thing he ever accomplished in life was to marry Christy and of course the smartest thing Christy ever did was dump his sorry ass. I just heard he plans on playing a concert with Bruce Springstein for a benefit for barack HEUSSEIN osama oops obama or whatever the fuck it is. Bruce sucks too,,, the fuckin guy sounds like he swallowed razor blades. I remember Bruce when I was in college back in 79 and he sucked then! Although he did write better songs then Billy Joel.
    So both of them are doing a concert for a socialistic/communistic MORON and by the way Everyone I know loved the way McCain wiped up the floor with his face on debate night last Friday.
    If you folks want a country run like China or Russia then support this asshole, because obama wants the USA to be just like China... he has stated it many times over and did anyone see the stock market monday? Yep the Democratic House wrote a bill and the Republicans said "FUCK YOU"
    The friggin Dems want you people (taxpayers) to pay 700 (HUNDRED) BILLION DOLLARS to bail out their sorry fat asses like that fat fuck Barny Frank and that snatch licking Biotch Nancy Pelosi... So if you all like Billy Joel so much..... why dont you pay the $500-$5000 a ticket to go watch him and Bruce Springshit do each other up the ass ,,,, on stage even!
    Once again Billy Joel has NO talent and he's a fucking marxist!
    A VERY WELL KNOWN LEAD GUITARIST (you folks would shit if you knew who I am)
  • KineticKinetic Posts: 1
    Billy Joel is a good artist, #6 best-selling in the U.S., but the fact that he is dumb enough to vote for Obama lowers him down to #68,324. Only an idiot would vote for Obama. We didn't start the fire, People like Obama started the fire, and were stuck trying to put it out.
  • joolsmithjoolsmith Posts: 823
    Excuse me Kinetic, but what has this to do with buying BJ rarities?

    Or do you just want your political view to be heard?
    Very sad.

  • donna1696donna1696 Posts: 1
    I think political views should be posted elsewhere. This is a place for people to go to
    appreciate stories from other Billy Joel Fans and share their own experiences.
    There is enough hatred and depression in this world. We all could make a difference
    so let's show our positive upbeat sides and bring some happiness into everyone elses lives.
    I attended the Charity Begins At Home Event hosted by Billy Joel the other evening and
    he helped raise alot of money for charity.
    Good Job Billy Joel your a multi talented artist who continues to bring music and happiness to
    so many of us.

    So to the lead guitarist who had no good words above perhaps you should stick to
    playing the guitar.

  • wikkigirlwikkigirl Posts: 42
    edited 11/30/99
    I totally agree with you Donna1696.

    Leave the politics to the morons...and enjoy BJ for his song writing, music and artistic flare!

  • joolsmithjoolsmith Posts: 823
    Here Here Politics in off topic only

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