Re: Billy Joel's fuming....

How fantastic that Billy got in touch directly with this typically loathsome critic. Wonder how long this guy has got away with such blatant insincerity and underhand tactics? I'd imagine this is just par for the course but how cowardly to be Mr backslapping nice guy during the interview, only to then slate the artist concerned. I noted how he really back peddled big time after receiving Billy's letter which told him his fortune: " he was great to talk to " : what a slimeball. At least have the balls to be straight with someone - it applies to any level. Well done Mr Joel.
Thanks for posting that Monster.

Re my favourite album - I'm still pondering but have to say that this has changed over the years and indeed still does. Currently in maybe my top 3 would have to be:
Songs in the Attic -a true representation of the live sound - any Billy Joel newcomer would be surprised that this is what to expect from a show.
Kohlept - same reasons with a personal relevance to the release.
River Of Dreams - So well timed for me - great lyrics, so poignant.
But then again, ask me next month and I may have a different answer..

By the way, am watching the expanding tour dates with much interest - I see Japan and Aus/NZ are rounding the year off - surely Europe is on the cards next year - please?

Bon Soir
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