Favorites and Olympics

First of all - Amanda. I wouldn't worry too much about London not being able to top the opening. Think behind the show, think about the violation of human rights, London can top China on everything.

Best Album has got to be Storm Front because of the production, that's so damn good. Lyrical I'd have to say The River of Dreams but the production sucks big time. The Nylon Curtain is one of my faves as well. To be honest I rediscover albums over and over again and I always find something new.

About Billy Joel and his private life, I don't care what he does and with who all I want is to see him on stage and giving everything he's got. That can only happen if he's happy. Read that Carl Fisher article again about how tight the band is, that must make Billy Joel happy. And a great cook in your house probably won't hurt that much.
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