Well done Amanda

Hi everyone
I wasn't going to log in tonight, but couldn't stop myself. I think I need treatment for a new addiction, BJ official site forum addict. Once I saw Amanda's post I had to join in.
Yes, bring it back to the music!!!!!!
I'm not an obsessive fan who lives through some rock star like some posts I saw elsewhere (guess) that talks about what Billy must think, and second guess what goes on in the lives of the rich and famous. I've said it before; the likelihood of me ever meeting, or having a conversation with, Billy Joel is virtually nil. Therefore I have no interest in sitting ruminating about what he, and those around him, are doing. It is like wondering what life on Mars is like, it is neither relevant nor important to my life. All I'm interested in is the music. I LOVE it.

So let's start something new right now.

My favourite album is River of Dreams, favourite song; All about Soul (I like to think it describes my marriage). Look in my profile or the review I did in the albums section to find out why.


Please post your answers.

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