Where am I ?

Can anyone just clear something up for me please? ( as the actress said to the bishop " the old ones are the oldest " ) I'm someone who recently re-registered with this site and have been reading the posts in this section for a week or so and am a little confused. When does the Billy Joel discussion actually start? I'm just wondering why all the hostility guys. Man, I thought I was stressed and uptight but something has really rattled your cages. Can we draw a line under it all as it is actually a little boring. I think most people who would join this site will be, by definition , intelligent music lovers with a sharp sense of humour - let's get back there. Life's too short..
I'm gonna say something contraversial now - I really like my Stranger 30 (1st ) anniversary box set. There said it.
Hi to all. Hope to have some interesting/funny/stuff in this section soon. I did just enjoy reading the piece about Carl Fisher posted by The Monster, well done.
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