albert what are you on about?

Albert did you have a few beers before you posted that last message?
There is rock and roll and there is respect and the two are not mutually exclusive.
I've never met Billy Joel and I am very unlikely to ever meet him. However, I have a picture (fantasy) about the type of man that writes this brilliant music. His music connects with me on a very deep human level. My favourite album is River of Dreams with such songs as All about Soul, Shades of Grey, River etc. This album convinces me that BJ is a man who understands and RESPECTS people and that is what I hope, no EXPECT, from a website that uses his name. It takes a dignified human being to treat others with respect.

Have a think Albert, people from all over the world can read your posts, what opinion do you want them to have of you? Was it you who posted the snide comment on joelfan about the 3rd night at Shea? What sort of person does something petty like that? (answers on a postcard)

Everyone with internet access can read this site. Do Joel fans want to be portrayed as petty infighters? I know I don't.

We, you and me have the power to make this site great. It is our contribution that people read not what the suits at Sony do. We, you and me, can make this site interesting, welcoming, exciting. It's up to us, and everyone else who contributes.
If this site deteriorates in to some sort of slanging match it will die a horrible death.
What are we going to do?

Best wishes

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