Grew up in Strathmore Ridge!

Dear Billy,
First, I love your music very much. I love the fact that a guy from Long Island who is such a music genius. I grew up in Ridge,NY. Strathmore Ridge. I knew your sister Judy and her husband Frank. I even remember when you fell off your bike broke your arm. You may not remember, but in Feb of 2000, there was a event that you attended at the Beverly Hills Hotel and you were watching a woman play piano in the bar area. She saw you and gave you a hug. You were told that her nephew was a big fan of yours. You asked, "Were is he??" You went to the front desk and got a pad. You wrote,"To Steve- Where the hell are you? Love, Billy Joel.
Billy, I am Steve and I have your note framed and I will cherish it forever. Thanks so much for that and I hope you will come out new music soon.
Steve F.
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