Okay who wants help with anger management?

And breathe!
Who needs anger management? Just message me.
Boys you really need to settle down before this really gets out of hand.
We all know that "our reason co-exists with our insanity"!

It looks like onemoetime is loading the bullets and watching everyone else fire the gun.

Can I suggest, as a 21st century, emancipated, woman, that no woman needs anyone, especially a man, to fight her battles for her. Just look at Stiletto, BJ understands our dark side.

If you could not resolve this argument on another site you sure won't do it here. You won't get anywhere with vague references to a "man" and an incident in a bar, so don't even try to. Either sort it or let it go.

Can we please find some constructive way of handling this dispute.

And as I'm having a rant; Uncle Albert, not all Europeans are obsessional, in fact I would say in general we are less obsessional than your average American.

Think I've said enough now

My son was the victim of an armed robbery on Monday evening. He was at work when a masked man ran in and waved a gun in his face while he tried to get in to the safe. When the safe would not open he made my son kneel on the floor with his face to the wall not knowing what was going to happen next. Now that IS something worth getting stressed about. I login to this site to relax, not have a ringside seat at the big fight.

Greetings from the UK

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