Oh Dear - Again!!

I had become a bit disillusioned/bored with this site and was thinking it had been developed by some Sony suits to try and market The Stranger. The lack of a chat room seemed to discourage interaction between the fans, but it seems I was wrong. I had not logged in for a few days and I've missed all the action!
I am a Billy Joel fan and have been since the late 70's (yes I'm that old). His music has, as with so many others, been that sound track of my life. I will be listening to him during my rush hour commute tomorrow. I use his music to relax and de-stress, I'm a Therapist in residential rehab and job is not an easy one, just like most of you.

My BJ music is really important to me and I probably listen to him at some point every day. However, I'm not so concerned about his music that I take it personally when another BJ fan has a different opinion to mine. We are all different (stating the obvious here) and that is a GOOD thing. Music, even BJ music, is not life and death, it is just music!!
If you (all of you) are like me you will have a great many things to worry about; the rising cost of living, kids, work, the car needs servicing, the stove has just stopped working, global warming etc etc etc.
Is it really worth arguing over who is employed by some musician who will do whatever he wants anyway?
Can we PLEASE stop being disrespectful and enjoy our diversity.
I would love people to send me private messages. There must be other middle aged BJ fans that don't think I'm mad to still be watching him climbing the charts at my age, and know that words to almost every song. (He was at number 13 in the album charts last week with Piano Man Greatest Hits)
I live in Hampshire (UK), but I'm Scottish, married for over 20 years, 2 grown up sons, 1 mad dog, 12 year old Volvo and can stop any fight no matter how big the guys even though I'm only 5' 3.

Greetings from the UK

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