Last Play at Shea - Lifelong fan is robbed

I saw Billy Joel on July 16th, the first last play at Shea. I grew up on Long Island and his music was the soundtrack to my life. The concert was amazing and I greatly appreciated the apology which Billy gave describing the reasoning for putting on a second show. However, after hearing about Billy’s performance and the special performers from the night's ACTUAL last show at Shea on July 18th (Paul McCartney, Steven Tyler, Garth Brooks, Roger Daltry, and Tony Bennett) I am severely annoyed!

This is the second time my family and I purchased "last show" tickets. The first time (at the Garden) Billy put on 11 shows after the original "last" and now this time we were also robbed of the last show experience. My family and I are by no means wealthy people and we were very excited about the “last show” at Shea. We were very careful about using multiple computers in order to ensure we got the best tickets we could for our money. It turns out we were not rewarded for our money and efforts (if Billy wanted to put on a second show, it should have been placed prior to the original), we were robbed of the experience we planned for. I feel that Billy Joel should have respect for his die hard fans who put in the effort to get tickets to the "LAST SHOW!" I once again feel robbed of my experience. I feel unappreciated by the artist whom I have supported throughout my life. I am extremely disappointed.
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