How do we make a comment to Billy Joel or his publicist?

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I was reading online about Billy Joel feeling like a "slut" for playing at a Palm Springs casino. I was there for the opening night at the new showroom. I would like to say that that concert made me appreciate Billy Joel's music more than ever before. Those tickets were hard to come-by like gold. Was Billy Joel referring to the opening night or for some private concert he did after the opening night? I am now having second thoughts about how much I like the concert. I generally do not read the Desert Sun because I question some of its accuracy.

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    Yes he is referring to the show you attended. Though tickets may have been hard to come by, he is right to say that a vast majority of the audience is just there to say they were there, and understandably his interest in performing would be affected adversely by an audience showing little interest in his performance.
    If anything, he has held out quite nicely, only doing a handful...three I think...shows of that nature. Many artists do these without even their most devoted fans being aware, and in fact Dave Rosenthal was forced to take the listing for it off his website for that reason. It's good to see Billy spoke up about it to Rolling Stone.

    If you really wanted to, you could write to Billy c/o Sony, but I'll tell you right now that it will never get to him.
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    Billy was responding to questions from interviewers that he got after the music press was invited to review what was a 'private' show. The owners of the casino invited the music press without notifying Billy that they would be there. Nobody reviews private shows - ever. Private show audiences are completely different than a usual public show audience, who are paying fans that go specifically to see an artist whose music they are familiar with. Private show audiences are almost always the family, friends, and guests of the casino owners - and they are usually very unresponsive, unfamiliar and show little enthusiasm during the performance. And for dynamic performers like Billy Joel, the lack of energy he usually gets back from the crowd can kill the whole show. The press reviews were mostly negative and commented on the lack of audience response -as if Billy was giving them a sub-standard effort. The fact is , he was playing to an 'oil painting' and the show laid there like a dead fish. But the reviewers never commented on the 'private' gig situation. They wrote it up as if it was just another public show. Billy got sandbagged by the casino owners who thought they could use his name to get more publicity for their casino. So Billy quite honestly [as usual] told the truth about what kind of gig it was. He wasn't dissing the people in the audience, he was simply explaining that those kinds of shows feel like he's "playing at a Bar Mitzvah". And he feels sheepish about playing those kinds of gigs just for the money -"like a high-class call girl". I don't recall any other big-name artist being so candid and open about the private gigs that they ALL do, but just don't talk about. Why? Because they all feel like well-paid hookers when they do them, and they all leave doing "The walk of shame". What wasn't reported was that Billy donated all of his take to charity - as he always does with fees from private shows.

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    Please!!!!!!!! Regardless of who he is playing to...he is getting paid right? So if he is not happy with the response big his ego isn't getting stroked for the first time in awhile...I have no pity with Mr. Joel on this one... Doesn't matter if it was public or private. A dis is a dis......and the casino was for you Z. stop sticking up for him when he is wrong...afraid he won't be your friend anymore?
  • Hi, I tried to collect the concert ticket, But I couldn’t. You are so lucky you got one. After reading your post, I feel that I missed something really valuable  please share your experience with us…and may be some photos if you got some.

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    Went to the show last night in San Jose, Ca. So AWESOME, I'll never forget it. Billy you look great.
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    yea I want to know too, and ask when Billy is coming to Great Los Angles.. We love him!
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    Being a musician and singer myself, I understand exactly where Billy is coming from with his response to the private show. There is nothing worse than giving your all for ANY show and getting little or no response...especially from people who CLAIM to support you and your career. There is such a thing as common courtesy.
    I say GOOD ON YOU Billy for publicly speaking up and standing by your feelings and principles. You've worked incredibly hard for your place in the music world and you've more than earned respect for that. I'm hard pressed to think of a songwriter/pianist/singer/performer who is as versatile in EVERY aspect of his abilities. That takes a lifetime of hard work and experience.
    At least Billy has found a positive in it by donating the gig money to charity. Says a LOT about the man.
    By the way Billy, when are you coming to Australia again?
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    I've been trying for quite a while to get in contact with Billy Joel regarding my father Edward or as in the song "Scenes From an Italian Restaurant" "Eddie." Yes my dad is Eddie :) I've heard so many wonderful stories about my dad growing up with Billy Joel and the meaning of so many of his songs and I just wanted to get in contact with him somehow.

    And for anyone who is wondering.. my mother is NOT brenda. lol!
  • To Billy's Publicist,

    I am a long time fan of Billy seeing my first concert in 1978. I love him for the man he is. I am a hardworking, loving single mom working in athletics at a local college. Please tell him I would love for him to be my guest in my modest Vermont home. I can be contacted at AOL.. Thank you so much!

    Most sincerely,
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    Ryan Nicole Parker claimed to be Billy Joel's niece and was going to marry a very good musician friend of mine. She also promised him a contract with Billy Joel. Faxed him the fake forged contract and everything. She told him all kinds of lies about Billy Joel. Some kind of pathological liar, What is sad is that this guy is really good and needs a break to fame. Josh Royse is a awesome artist , a young Billy Joel
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    I realize that I am noone but my band is going to cover pressure death metal because I think it is a wonderful song and billy deserves some rockabilly credit he doe sent get enough please send me info to [email protected] -Travis Trying to make Billy Joel Metal one step at a time.
  • How do I send him get well wishes? How do I tongue in cheek ask him to make my children's book into a movie and do the music for it?
  • thanks for sharing.I like it.slewing ring bearing.
  • Whoah, Onemotime up there from 2009! Billy is an artist and of course he cares about the response of his audience regardless of whether he is getting paid or not. Remember, he is:
    The Entertainer
    Today I am your champion, I may have won your hearts,
    But I know the game, you'll forget my name,
    And I won't be here in another year
    If I don't stay on the charts.... or listen to my audiences' response!
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