March 9 Phoenix Dream Comes True

I can’t believe I’m finally going to see Billy Joel in concert. I’ve been a fan since 1975. I was ready to quit piano lessons, but because of Billy Joel, I continued playing. I’m not very good, but I got so much emotional support from playing. It changed the direction of my life. It was the age of bands and singers, but very few piano players and singers.


  • OrrahoodOrrahood Posts: 1
    We are also very excited for the concert. The concert falls on our 28th wedding anniversary (and on a Saturday, to boot!!). Our first dance as a married couple was to "Just the Way You Are." We have heard that Billy doesn't think the song is his best work (not sure he even sings it anymore), but it would be so special for us if the song found its way onto the playlist for the Phoenix concert. We are also die-hard fans, and our children have all grown up listening and singing his songs. We are so excited, we can't wait til next month!
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