Have time to encourage veterans healing from PTSD before this Saturday's show?

My husband has been a lifelong fan of Mr. Joel's and this weekend we're celebrating how far he's come since he returned from Iraq in 2005 and medically retired by attending the show in Winston-Salem. We can't wait!

Four years ago he couldn't go to the grocery store without a panic attack because his PTSD was so bad. Today, he's pushed through so much physical, mental and spiritual healing that he can go to concerts and crowded events again – it's truly incredible how hard he's worked despite his injuries. Now he no longer has PTSD and is able to spend his time encouraging other veterans to do everything they can to keep fighting and get the healing they need after war.

We started making encouraging, practical videos sharing everything we've learned along the way. Check out newrosie.com to see the videos we've shared so far. The first video on the page shares a bit more about our story.

I'd love to surprise my husband with a quick meeting with Mr. Joel before the concert on Saturday if he has time! It would be amazing to share with our community the incredible things that can happen if you keep going and keep fighting. I'd love to make a video about it and share it on our site and social networks. More importantly I'd love to see the look on my husband's face with such a surprise :)

Thank you for all you already do for veterans. We wouldn't be alive today if it weren't for people like you who do what they can to help veterans and their families truly come home after war. Thank you!

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