Billy Joel manager message

Hi my signin is karend416 my husband n I first saw billy Joel at the garden when we were first dating a little over 30 years ago an he was amazing. I remember we had seat all the way up top n we were able to sneak up front to get a closer view. Well we will be back again to see him but this time at the garden for our 30th wedding anniversary. This I thought would never happen because I was told a few years back that my husband Jeff only had a 40% chance to live, we were told he had stage 4 cancer n chances were really bad. Well here we are now n his dr.’s were in shock he made it through but he did. Here is where the next question comes in we would love to meet billy, but if it’s not possible I understand. We will be there celebrating on April 13.
Thank you for listening n thank billy for the terrific music he plays Karen
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