Dec 20 at MSG

Not a good concert by any means. The band was way too loud, and too show-offy. Screaming pyrotechnics on trumpet, guitar, etc detract so much. Joel's voice was in poor shape so why the super-loud backup? The intermittent snippets of carols was a nice touch that soon degraded into obviously unrehearsed silliness. That may be ok if it's not a work nite or if you paid $20 for a seat, but give us a break. Saving my worst criticism for last, Joel should not have one ballad per 20 loud , bass and drum pounding numbers. The variety of choices was much too poor and, honestly, don't ask the audience what should be played. I could go on but modesty prevents me. On a scale of 1(worst) to 10 it gets a 3.


  • pilam76pilam76 Posts: 15
    Just an FYI coming from someone who saw 11 shows this year alone:
    1. The December Cmas show @ MSG - he always plays a variety of christmas carols.
    2. He always does what he calls a "fielders choice" on a variety of songs where he gives the audience the choice of a song to be played.
  • pilam76pilam76 Posts: 15
    and one ballad per 20 loud, bass and drum pounding numbers?
    1. He basically has the same setlist every show, check it out on
    2. It is a rock concert in case you were not aware.
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