Indy show

elvis49elvis49 Posts: 5
If u take requests, how about "Keeping the Faith". Also, Slippery Noodle is open late on Friday night


  • mqswainmqswain Posts: 1
    Indy show requests: Vienna. And Scenes, but I think that's already on the setlist. Those songs got me through high school.
  • kriscasskriscass Posts: 1
    My heart is broken... my dad is a lifelong fan, saw Billy Joel in a bar before he made it big and has followed him ever since, even named my brother Joel after him. I bought tickets to the Indy show for dad’s birthday back in April, but he has just been hospitalized with a health crisis requiring surgery that will prevent him from being able to attend the show.
  • All about Soul please! Anything is totally cool. Not even banking on any songs. So blessed to get to go!
  • Kriscass I pray for your father and hope he does well
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