Tickets for someone who deserves...

Hi -- this is crazy, but I heard a really inspiring woman on the Dr Laura XM talk radio show who called up and explained she is 35 years old, married to a great husband, has 3 kids, but has stage 4 cancer and not a lot of time left. She wanted to reconnect with her husband, as he was so overwhelmed and treating her a tad more like a patient than a wife. She was saying to Dr Laura that she knew Billy Joel was going to be playing in November, and maybe she could organize a night away from the kids/alone. She was not asking for sympathy, she was not angry at her circumstances, she just wanted to be with her husband. Dr Laura ended up navigating her to some other way to connect...but I couldn't help but think that if Billy Joel, or anyone on his team heard this story, they would call the Dr Laura show, find out who the woman was, and call her with some amazing tickets. I'm sure Dr Laura would turn over her phone number, and I'm positive Dr Laura will not have forgotten this caller. So I don't know how to reach out....I found this forum and thought I'd give this a shot. So I'm throwing this out there for Billy and his crew to give Dr Laura a call and make such a big difference in someone's life who, I believe, deserves it. Thank you.
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