BILLY - Remember Lafayette Music Room in Memphis Tennessee???

slotitoslotito Posts: 1
You sang to me for hours in Lafayette Music Room In the Summer of 1971 in Memphis Tennessee, when you were an unknown. (We shared numerous winks, nods and smiles.) I was enchanted and felt you and I had a momentary connection. Years later, you gave a concert at the University of Tennessee at Martin. You were very unhappy with the crowd and made everyone very aware of your disrespect for the crowd. None the less, I was there to support you and your music.

I'm much older now, as are you. I would enjoy experiencing another of your concerts, but your tickets prices are beyond my budget and travel opportunities. I've been a fan since before you were famous. Please. I'd very much appreciate enjoying another in person experience with you. If you could find it in you heart to comp a very early fan a concert experience, I'd very much appreciate it.

Love and appreciate the talent of My Billy!
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