Suntrust Stadium April 28

Mr. Joel, Billy if I may, I am a big fan and my wife and I had the pleasure of seeing you perform once with Elton John in Atlanta many years ago. This week we are celebrating our 28th Anniversary and will be attending your concert in SunTrust Stadium. We are bring our daughter and her husband to enjoy as they are big fans as well.

I would be so greatful if you could make a dedication for me to my wife Libby for the 28 great years and the many more to come when you sing "Just the Way You Are". I just want a special way to let her know how special she is to me and what Better way than this.

My wife Libby is an amazing person. She is a special education teacher for 23 plus years now working with children with severe intellectual disabilities and she never gives up her belief that they can make the slightest of improvement each day or that she can somehow make their lives just a little more manageable and comfortable. She loves them all as her own. It truly is amazing.

I just want to show my wife how special she is to me on April 28 in Atlanta.

We will enjoy your performance and can't wait.

Michael Campos
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