April 14 at the Garden

The Man does not disappoint! I have been a Billy Joel fan since about 1976 yet somehow I never saw him in concert. That is until last night, my wife and I went to NYC at the Garden to see the man himself. The person I listened to laying beside my big brothers cool 1970s Panasonic stereo with 8 track, FM, and a turntable...the same Billy Joel took I loved in grade school took me all the way through high school and adult life. Dazzling his fans with his lyrics and melodies. From the opening number,Miami 2017 to the last he had me, my wife and the entire Garden in his pocket. His voice is impeccable, pitch perfect, he could of recorded all of those hits last week. He is the ultimate performer, funny, electrifying, all of the songs I knew so well seemed so fresh!!
Thank you Billy Joel for making this 48 year old feel as young as a sunrise, and by still playing for all of your fans!!!
He truly is the entertainer!!!!

Thanks Again!
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