Letter of Recognition for an Eagle Scout

Mr. Billy Joel.

Good morning. I am one of the adult leaders in Boy Scout Troop 301, Middletown Delaware. One of my jobs is to set up recognition letters and awards to be presented during Eagle Scout Courts of Honor. We have a young man who is having a ceremony on March 12, 2017. I have been in contact with his mother and asked what he is really into. Music was definitely on that list, but I asked to narrow it down to a Genre or artist. You were on the top (I agree). On behalf of the Troop, I am asking if you would not mind sending him some type of letter of recognition that we could present to him during his court of honor. This young man is an outstanding citizen and possess the character that our future so desperately needs. I truly appreciate your time, since I know your are busy. I did not want to divulge his name on this forum for PII purposes, but would be happy to coordinate with me email address below.

I truly appreciate your time. My contact information is:

Tom DiCuirci
email: tomdrcpilot@gmail.com

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