Tour Europe again||

SheShe Posts: 1
Hey Billy. My grandson, who is nearly 18, is desperate to see you perform. We live in Ireland. Have you any plans to tour in this direction again in the near future?


  • skempeskempe Posts: 1
    Same question here ... Having seen Billy perform live 5 times, looking forward to a 6th time. When again in Belgium or one of the neighbour countries ?
  • Please come to Israel! <3
  • MarcMarc Posts: 1
    Hi all, saw Billy last Year in Frankfurt..
    if possible i like to see him once again in Europe.. please.. :-)
  • rootbeerrootbeer Posts: 36
    Ireland is the first date announced for 2018!
  • lenzoslenzos Posts: 3
    it will better to announce all the european dates in the same time , i live in france , i m hesitating to go to see him in dublin but i can t take the tickets because i wait to know the other countries
  • rootbeerrootbeer Posts: 36
    I think that's the idea. Get fans in Europe to buy tickets for fear its the only one; then announce London Paris etc which will be heavily oversubscribed anyway. Personally I would not mind going to more than one.
  • rootbeerrootbeer Posts: 36
    Sorry for being such a cynic (See post above). Manchester UK tickets for 16th June 2018 go on sale a week today!
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