MSG Concert Seat Notes Section 227 Row 18

I attended the 11/3/16 Concert at MSG. Billy as expected was fantastic. Sound was great but the experience was not.
The seats were purchased by my daughter as a gift for my birthday. Section 227, Row 18 Seats 24

These seats should be eliminated from potential purchase. The view is obstructed by the VIP box that extends down into the line of sight. If ou stand no view, if the people in the row in front stand no choice no view. I could have survived with the poor view if the video had been in sync. The video was approximately 4 to 5 sec out of sync with the sound/performance it was like watching a bad movie copy download from the internet or a movie with subtitles. Our monitor was the ONLY one out of sync. We showed MSG staff and they said they would try to take care of it but no promises. Total waste of time. If MSG and Billy J can not get it fixed eliminate the section area from sale. I think that if Billy actually visited the section and row I am talking about and looked at the video he would have been embarrassed. A quality performance was damaged by poor video equipment. Please do not think I should have paid more for better seats. The seats were a gift!
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