San Antonio Concert

Mr. Joel, I know you must hear requests all the time. My wife will be turning 45 this fall. Years ago she went to a concert of yours while struggling through her pregnancy with twins. She ended up in the bathroom the whole time and missed most of your concert. She has had a tough life and is such a fan. We scraped the money together to come to your San Antonio show on Dec 9. If you have it in your heart, could you give her a birthday shout out at that concert? It would mean more to her than you can ever know. I tease her that she is "always a woman to me"! Thank you for your consideration in this request. Either way, we are so looking forward to your show!


  • kberkelkberkel Posts: 3
    oh yeah, her name is Kristen from Milwaukee!
  • grtbowgrtbow Posts: 1
    My wife and I were married 25 years this past May 25th, which is also her B'day.

    Anyway, I don't know your playlist, but if it doesn't mess things up for you and the band I'd hope you could play "You're my Home." I had just moved from New Rochelle NY for a teaching job in San Antonio and we didn't have a lot of money. All I could afford to give her was a song, I played and sang "You're My Home" as corny as some think that sounds, Rachel still says it was the best gift I've ever given her.

    Thanks for considering this, I love your music always have and always will. Looking forward to the 12/09/2016 concert.

    Gene Thibault

  • I have been listening to his songs since I was about 5 or so. I've always wanted to see him live when I was growing up, but ticket prices were a little high for my pockets. He is, and has always been, #1 on my concert bucketlist. When I found out he was coming to San Antonio, I was ecstatic! I cannot wait until December. When my husband asked me what I wanted for christmas, all I told him was Billy Joel tickets! Less than 2 weeks away!
  • Love Billy Joel. Still remember spinning the LP's growing up. Nothing quite matches Billy!
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